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Findon Dental Care

I had dental implants done at the Findon Dental Clinic over 2 years ago and have experienced no problems in that time at all.

I attribute this to the great work of Fariba Shameli and her team who were all very professional at all times but still showed a lot of empathy towards the patient because it was a very painful process to go through.

I also found that Fariba has the best bed side manner i have ever experienced!!

I would highly recommend this practice and Fariba Shameli!!

Kind regards
Maria Speirs

Findon Dental Care

I have been a patient of Findon Dental Care for more than 8 years. During that time I have been treated by Dr. Fariba Shameli. She is very friendly and puts the patient at ease.

Procedures carried out on me have included root canal treatment, ceramic filling and dental implants. In all instances the procedure was clearly explained. A very detailed schedule including costs for each phase was provided for the implant procedure.

I have never experienced any pain either during or after treatment at this surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Mary Taylor,

Findon Dental Care

I am delighted with my recent natural looking implants.

The treatment was completed as planned in six months by a skilful and efficient team led by Fariba. Appointments were made on time by the reception staff who were always helpful and accommodating. Detailed xrays ensured all went well.

Patricia Martin,

Findon Dental Care

Towards the end 2013 I cracked my bottom right number 6 molar and after having it extracted explored the options available to me. Some twenty odd years before I had had a similar experience on my left side which resulted in a bridge being fitted, this has been perfectly acceptable but of course necessitates the removal of some material from adjacent teeth, this I did not want to do in this instance as the teeth on my right side were in good condition. Leaving the gap was not an option as was the fitting of a false tooth, so after some discussion with Fariba I decided to go for an implant.

The implant post was fitted in February 2014 and a new tooth the following April. I can say that the procedure was not as painful as anticipated, any after pain soon dissipated. Apart from the small amount of aftercare involved (no different to looking after your teeth anyway) the tooth feels and looks as if it had always been there.

There is a cost implication to having an implant but this will be spread the expected considerable life of the tooth. I would thoroughly recommend Findon Dental Care for their professionalism, highly technical ability and willingness to answer any of my endless questions! Finally but importantly, always having the time to have a chat!

James Kimpton,

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