Meet Etta - My Youthover

Why dental implants?

Etta came to Findon Dental Care unhappy with her dentures received at another practice. We fixed her dentures as much as we can however they still weren't comfortable for Etta.

We talked about dental implants and how this could be a more permanent solution, starting first with the top and then eventually the bottom as well.

After lots of thinking time, Etta decided that implants were the way forward and we started planning her procedure. We would fit the implants in a day so as to ensure Etta had working implants the same day as she arrived at the surgery for her procedure.

You can see her journey in the video on the right. It shows why Etta decided to go for implants and her journey from before the operation through receiving dental implants and the recovery afterwards.

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Hear from Etta through her dental implant journey, how she is feeling, her thoughts on the dental implant procedure and how she is recovering over the course of the weeks afterwards

Day Before
Operation Day
Day After
A Week Later
Eight Weeks Later

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"My teeth have always been very loose and not in good shape and I was always aware of them especially when I smiled.


My new dental implants have given me new confidence and my new teeth look fantastic. Everyone comments on how amazing they look.


I had unbelievable care from everyone in the practice - everyone was very professional and nothing was too much trouble.


Findon Dental Practice goes the extra mile.